Corporate and E-Commerce Website Design Done Right!

servicesLifetime Media Group is focused on delivering client-centered and results-driven Magento solutions to start-ups and medium size businesses. Our goal is to help companies meet their desired requirements and deliver effective e-commerce outcomes, as well as identify areas for improvement and reduce operating costs both directly and indirectly.

Our advantage are highly educated, trained and experienced team members that understand e-commerce requirements and have the expert knowledge to develop tools and increase performance of every organization. We will help you customize your website or e-commerce platform and make sure you get what you need to become a key player in your respected market. We provide web design and development for areas of Austin, Round Rock, Cedar Park, Leander, San Marcos, Taylor and Hutto. We also serve significant number of clients all over United States and Canada.

E-Commerce Development

We know you have questions and want to understand exactly what to do from the beginning. We are here to guide you through the creation process and explain you every e-commerce web detail you will come across in creation of your new e-commerce online store.

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Website Design

If you are looking for an innovative design that will show your customers and followers that you are a serious company with top line online presence. We can build a responsive website and show you how to follow all the rules to get ahead of your competition.

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Online Marketing

From google local to full on and off page search engine optimization. Different rules apply for e-commerce stores vs regular websites. Know the difference and get an expert advice. Other services include feeds, affiliate marketing and email campaign web solutions.

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What does LMG offer?We focus on web design and development with efficiency.

E-Commerce Development

LMG develops web solutions considering your industry, competitors, functionality and scalability. We understand server and development matter as much as design itself.

Latest Website Design

There are no ready to go themes or solutions we use. We listen to you first, make a plan and execute from ground up. If you like some design out there already – just let us know.

Server Configuration

If you want top of the line e-commerce site – you must have good and reliable server structure with correct configuration. This is the single most important part of successful e-commerce site.

3rd Party Integration

Everyone has the need to connect their shopping cart to internal inventory system, POS system like Quickbooks, ERP system like Dynamics or similar. We can help with that.

Learn From Experience

We often recognize that our greatest strength is our ability to offer a powerful advice. Simply stated, we have already accomplished goals similar as yours and we are aware of the results certain actions make in short and long run.

Support & Maintenance

LMG has a team to manage web updates & hosting to allow quick help on any issues. We love to take care of server configuration, development, design and bug errors.

Internet Marketing

We offer additional services like blogging, webmaster tools offsite setup, landing pages, and banners.

Search Engine Optimization

Improve your search engine ranking with our leading search engine optimization service.

Local SEO

Our local community is looking for you online. Help users from mobile to desktop find you easier with local SEO.

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