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E-Commerce Development

eCommerce developmentOnline shopping isn’t just about making our lives easier but it is also about finding new opportunities for business growth. The number of online purchases is growing exponentially and it is expected continue to do so in the future as well. LMG is here to help you take full advantage of the opportunities available and make the most out of your online presence by increasing your ROI and website traffic.

We work closely with the developers of the best-in-class technology and employ the greatest experts in the area in order to deliver our clients the best solutions available. We pride ourselves in our experience with some of the most technologically advanced projects and there is no project we couldn’t handle. We have years of experience with development of large enterprise-driven websites, customization of interfaces for digital assets, content management solutions, personalized customer portals, social networking marketing, mobile apps and of course, e-commerce.

Focus Areas:

    E-commerce Web Design
    E-commerce Development
    Custom Development
    Server Setup & Maintenance
    3rd Party Integrations
    Platform Migrations
    Site Upgrades & Maintenance

Why Magento as an e-commerce platform?

We specialize in website development that integrates Magento e-commerce solutions for several reasons. Magento platform is cost-effective for the most part, flexible and customizable solution which gives you full control over both design and content of your online store. There are number of shopping cart platforms available, but only Magento has shown to be at least one level above the rest.

Magento enables you to add as many products as you want, receive orders, manage customer accounts, choose payment and shipping methods, and much more. The fact that Magento solution is used by more than 150,000 online businesses tells a lot about their value for online merchants.

How LMG can help?

No two businesses are the same. In order to benefit from Magento e-commerce solutions and its many in-built features, and make your online business a success, it is of utmost importance for the platform to meet your specific needs. And this is where LMG steps in. We will help you customize Magento platform and make sure that you get exactly what you need to become a big player in the fastest growing market.

No matter if you need Magento website design, optimization, upgrade or perhaps just an advice, you can always turn to LMG experts who will help you find an optimal solution for your online store and allow you to focus on your core business. So let us become your partner in your e-commerce venture by allowing us to take care of the technical aspects and help you turn visitors of your online store into satisfied customers.

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