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Branding and Strategy

attractive to your target audience and make sure that you stand out from your competitors. Our goal is to build a dynamic brand strategy which reflects each of our clients’ unique story and at the same time, makes the brand appealing to a particular target audience.

We use a multiple-strategy approach that is based on extensive research using both primary and secondary methods, intelligence gathering technologies, evaluation of findings and theory testing, allowing us to develop a unique brand strategy according to the most recent market trends and consumer expectations.

We can help you with:

Branding Overhauls & Evolution

Brands that don’t evolve or keep pace with the shifts in the market cannot survive in the long term. Changes in the form of a complete overhaul or minor improvements and adjustments are therefore a very important part of staying ahead the competition, retaining the existing customers and winning new ones.

Brand Planning & Management

Creating a brand that is desirable among the target audience is much more than just the logo. A brand includes everything from the target audience’s view of quality, customer service, look and feel of the product, communication and much, much more. However, it isn’t enough just to create a brand. To maintain the leading position in the market when achieving it, a brand needs to be maintained. Without brand management, loss of the desired brand reputation is only a matter of time.

Brand Reputation Measurement, Evaluation & Mapping

Brand reputation measurement and mapping involve a thorough research of the brand’s reception by the target audience and its position in the market in regard to the competitors. This allows evaluation of the brand’s strengths but it also shows where there is still room for improvement.

Audience Segmentation & Personal Development

In order for a brand to reach the desired response from the target audience, it must be developed with a high level of understanding of the latter. A product intended for young audience for example requires a completely different approach than that designed for seniors. Audience segmentation studies and analyzes many different aspects of branding from product usage to communication and media use because a brand will achieve a much greater effect if it is based on the target audience’s expectations and susceptibility.

Communications & Brand Adoption Strategy

How a brand is communicated to the target audience plays a very important role in its reception. To both create and maintain a good brand reputation, the latter must be communicated to the target audience in a way that it is understandable, identifiable, consistent and sustainable which in turn requires a strategy on both implementation of the branding campaign and communication with the consumers.

Identity & Style Guide Creation

A brand can be successful only if it has a strong and unique identity that clearly differentiates it from the competition products/services and makes it compelling to consumers at the same time.

Brand Acceptance Testing

Brand acceptance takes some time but letting the time to do its job doesn’t always bring results. The only way to determine whether a brand has been accepted by the target audience or not is to test the latter’s response and adjust or change the branding strategy if necessary.