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Magento Hosting Solutions

Experience the difference our hosting can make for your business.

This is our main plan for most small businesses running up to 250 products. If you need more please contact us and we will offer you some additional solutions. more serious dedicated segmented servers that can handle larger traffic and database loads.

What get your hosting for e-commerce with LMG?
– We have deep knowledge and experience of Magento-powered stores.
– Your store comes ready with initial magento theme.
– Your store comes with some additional plugins installed.
– Automatically updated on PHP and SQL.
– When you grow large enough you will be ready.
– You get more for your buck.
– Great and knowledgeable support.

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Monthly Subscription
How It Works: First 3 months payable now and then monthly subscription payment. Please select your plan to continue.

Yearly Subscription
How It Works: Regular yearly subscription payment (saves you money because of discounted rate). Please select your plan to continue.