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Pay Per Click Engines

Many sellers online waste significant portions of their budget to fine tune their advertising campaigns with right keywords, costs and overall architecture of categories. When you are dealing with PPC see on google all compaign have same 5 components that you need to master to be really effective.

5 Components of Adwords:

1. Great Landing Page

2. Add Text

3. Keywords

4. Add Groups

5. Ad Campaign

When you start you are usually very concerned what keywords are you going to bid on, but those that have been in the adwords industry for a while know that the key for any succesful conversion is a landing page. We can not stress how important that is, we have seen customers waste thousands of dollars because they are full focused on how many clicks they can get and not on conversion itself.

Performance of the campaign is extremely important to keep the click low (yes that is right - low) and keep the conversion high. If you succeed in that - your campaign is going great. But before you get to that section of the advertising you need to know your products well, categorize them in different product lines and try to conquer per segment and region. Don't just go in there and start advertising just to get clicks.

You need to have your campaigns logically structured and organized so that you are on top of things at any moment. Invest into codes on checkout to measure every sale correctly and connect them with your analytics. Magento doesn't have that as a module you can buy or standard feature (at least not yet as of 2017), and you need to custom code that on the magento success page.

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