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eCommerce Feeds

If you want to make it in eCommerce industry, one of the most important parts is doing your feeds. It is a long process and no software will do it for you automatically. Many can come close to what you need but the truth is every product is different and depending on what you are trying to achieve will determine your feed. Using general software that does some auto feed will give you just that - general results. In order to make feeds work in your favor, you need to focus on the details and manipulation of your products out there. This is just as important as SEO because over time - you will only get stronger and attract more qualified traffic.

We often get customers telling us they want more sales. Looking at the all available options out there, this is always our priority because it determines quality of the product and sale power. You will quickly know how well you can do with your products.

About the task of feeds

However, this task is without a doubt most complicated one out there for eCommerce. Knowing feeds is the key and only experience can make ti better. In order to determine if you want to do this task yourself or hire someone like us is very easy. Try to do it yourself and if you are spending more than 2 days on it and getting frustrated - it is time to hire someone else. Not because you can't do it - we are confident you will eventually find the way, but as an ecommerce owner or a manager wouldn't you rather spend all that time focusing on your business. Time is the key here and your goal should always be to minimize it.

Several avenues to success

Needles to say, besides google you should do all the possible feeds you can manage at one time. They all have their own requirements and change over time. This is also area you have to realize google still does not own, so investing into making a feed with nextag, pricegrabber, and other feed engines would only make your reach wider. Cost for the feeds very from place to place and you have to be really careful during holidays because your budget can deplete very quickly. When you decide to go into feeds other then google your usual inbound link will come from a paid product placement which is called CPC (short for cost-per-click). CPC are different than PPC in a way that you determine one cost for all clicks to your site.

Our services for feeds and CPC

We can definitely help you with your feeds! First we need to evaluate what you have in your store and how your products are created. Once we segment everything we will be able to make your feed in no time. Usual time frame for the first feed is about 5-7 days depending on the level of product mixes. After that we create a product matrix that can always help us pull your feed faster in more structural way. Contact us about feeds so we can make a plan for you.

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