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Email Marketing

Email MarketingEmail marketing is the cheapest way to get to your customers. If you grow your list correctly, it can be a significant part of your sales. In addition to sales, if you are trying to keep the brand growing, email marketing will be the most important part of your online advertising structure. And again, it comes with the lowest cost out there.

Connect with your customers because email marketing is a flexible tool that can accomodate a wide range of messages. You need to think about the right service to go with in your email delivery. Right at start forget about delivering any messages from your servers as it can be quite dangerous for blacklisting and you could lose your entire domain name like that and be banned from google. So picking the right software that delivers your service should be your primary concern. They range in different prices, deliverablity and amount of contacts you can send per month. We will mention just a few here so you have a good start:

Companies that provide Email marketing software:

Mailchimp (most popular one but very simple)


Constant Contact

Exact Target

Send in Blue


Research each of them carefully as they differ in price and what they can do. You will also need someone to connect it with your website so you can automatically collect signups. Think about us in those moments of course.

Why is it that email marketing is so succesful in conversions?

It is simply the ability to send exact targetted message and personalize it. Personalization will also greatly depend on the service you select to deliver your messages. Make sure you always ask for the emails on your site and grow your email customer base daily. Do not resort to any lists that you can buy. They will not gt you far at all and only ruin your open rates. Whatever you buy, think also that someone else is running the same list so there is really no great effect.

Just to mention that in the last 10 years email marketing has increased exponentially and is now used not only to sell product but to maintain friendly and close relationship with customers. However, it is only recently that business owners are realizing the importance of analytics for deliverability and open mail. If you need help, ask experts at Lifetime Media Group, Inc.

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