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Get All Category Ids in Magento

Get All Category Ids in Magento

Often when we try to switch from old magento store to new issue comes up with category IDs. This little script helps you achieve the export much quicker.

Most commonly the problem occurs when you have many categories in one store and need to import those same categories in next. Database will not match those id’s correctly and you will have many mismatched products belonging to wrong categories after import. To see what you have in your current site you need to prepare your magento export. The process is really simple and this script will create a csv file that you can clearly see what category belongs to which id.

It is a two step process:

1. DOWNLOAD this great script, unzip it and place it in magento root directory.

After you complete the upload go to this url: http://{YOURSITE.COM}/getids.php

Please use your website url instead of {YOURSITE.COM}

2. Next go to your var folder under exports (var/export). You should be able to see the file called categories-and-ids.csv.

Download your file and check it out. Pretty great right. Now you can work with your old categories much easier.

Note: you might not have export folder. In that case just create it under var folder. Then go to URL above again and run the script.

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