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Common Magento Errors in Development

Common Magento Errors in Development

Magento e-commerce platform is the number one choice of both large enterprise and small corporations. It offers a number of advantages over comparable e-commerce solutions including the ability to tailor it to your specific needs, search engine friendly URLs, multiple payment and shipping options, layered navigation, mobile commerce and much, much more. However, many developers and companies complain about Magento errors. So, does this mean that Magento e-commerce platform isn’t as great as it seems? Absolutely not! It means that the companies or their developers don’t understand the code base.

Changing the Core Code Files

In our experience, changing the core code files to change functionality of the system is the most common cause of Magento errors. Often seen as the easiest way to change Magento functionality, changing the core files is responsible for a variety of problems and instability as well as security issues and difficulties with site upgrading.

We never change Magento functionality by changing the core code files. Instead, we make the necessary changes via the extension route. This is slightly more complicated and time consuming but it has been shown to ensure flawless performance in the long term.

When working on a new Magento website, we always perform code audit in order to determine if there were any core file changes and where, what extensions were installed and if there are any other errors that may be causing problems with Magento.

Other Common Causes of Magento Errors

Changing the core code files isn’t the only cause of Magento errors. These can occur for a number of reasons including poor customization or module development, extension incompatibilities, security issues, installation of outdated Magento versions, etc. However, all the clients we helped fix Magento errors either didn’t understand how the platform works or had their Magento platform customized/upgraded by experts who weren’t such experts as they presented themselves to be. We have also seen quite a few Magento errors due to a combination of two or multiple factors.

How To Avoid Magento Errors

Obviously, you don’t want any Magento errors because they directly translate into lost customers. If they can’t make a purchase hassle free or safely on your online store, they will simply go to the competition. And they are unlikely to return and give it another try any time soon. For that reason it is crucial to make sure that there aren’t any errors before going live. We always do a thorough test of the solutions we develop for our clients to make sure that the platform is 100% error free when going live.

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